Они все-таки добрались до Кореи! Северной!



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  1. Маким_из_Челябинска:

    Добрались, только вот зачем, интересно?
    Концерт они там вряд ли дадут…
    Так, покрасоваться на фоне памятников и агитплакатов? Или я чего-то не знаю?

  2. fixit:

    “Perhaps you remember that I intended to sell my complete Laibach collection as an action of protest against Laibach’s North Korea tour. Well, so far I haven’t sold anything, which in fact is good news, I would consider myself being a dealer in fascist rhetoric anyway and I’m glad there’s no interest in their shit at all. So this leaves me with two other options: returning the stupid merchandise to where it came from, so back to Laibach, or just dump the garbage in the only place suitable for this nonsense, namely the waste container. But that would also leave me with no fundings to support Amnesty International (or another human rights organisation for that matter, as long as it supports the oppressed people in North Korea). So while laibach are licking the boots of the dictator and his criminal gang of obedient sheep, I would like to start a collaboration between all musicians who are interested in creating a statement against Laibach’s activities and are willing to do something in favour of the oppressed NK people. So I would like to invite you to work with the Subterra Recordings label and Militia to produce a full CD dedicated to the political prisoners in the camps of NK. The profit colming from the sales of this record will be donated, as said. We can start organising this on facebook from now on and discuss the matter.”

  3. Феофан:

    Эко-анархизм до добра не доведет…(Как и отсутствие чувства юмора)

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