Deutsch Nepal Interview

1. This year DN celebrates 20 years of existence. What do you think about your first two decades of solo music creating? Have you fulfilled your youth plans for DN?

Ooops! Is it 20?!…yes maybe since the 1st release …actually I  started some years earlier with developing my own kind of music. But this was the first time I used the name Deutsch Nepal for the project and the release of Deflagration of Hell in 1991. It feel like a very short time but the that’s life – A short moment of breathing, breeding and feeding on earth.

My ambition for Deutsch Nepal was to create the sound and music that I couldn’t find elsewhere and in my own mind it sometimes felt like I did succeed, but some times all life feel like a big failure as one put all your time and efforts into this project while your friends continued into other professions, family life in some grey suburb somewhere or into the afterlife…life get more and more lonely.

So what should I say …when I was younger I dreamed about touring the world releasing on international basis doing nothing else then exploring new ways of expressing my mind in the form of sounds. I done this till the extend that I got tired of it …at least momentary. In that way I must say my plan is fulfilled.
2. What was hardest for DN during these 20 years?

To keep up the good work while mind is low. …it so easy to pop a bottle of vodka or wine instead of being creative and keep on in the chosen direction if your mind is restless and looking for the closest bar to ease the hangover from yesterday…hehehe

3. And what do you consider your greatest achievement as DN so far?

All the fun, all the people, all the drugs and strange things happening around all the odd turns and twisting in the industrial movement who could complain thinking about that….from celebrating New Year Eve on the peninsula of Crimea on the beach of the Blak Sea – to getting arrested in Wroclaw robed by the police and then being charged for it…further to spend 1 week on a nice hotel with nice food paid by the organizer in Barcelona waiting for the gig which never happen as the organizer forgot about the technical equipment !….there’s a never ending flood of stories …and thinking of it if putting it together -it’s the life I’ve been living…and that I’m still alive might be the biggest achievement…

4. Lets talk about Amygdala, you new album. I think it’s great album, and many our readers agree with my opinion. But what do you think about the album? Was it hard to create? Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems like you worked on Amygdala more than on any other album – 5 years…

5 years …I think that is my normal releasing schedule… but it’s true that I put more effort into this album and it took more time then normally….also I didn’t feel any pressure from my audience or the lithuanian label Autarkeia that I decided to work with for the coming releases….it was a comfortable situation where I could concentrate on the creation of Amygdala. It wasn’t that hard to make, the hardest is normally to decide when to stop and release it. It’s always a problem that the tracks become your ”enemy” after some hundred listenings…hehe …. And normally after finishing an album I seldom listen to it for many years. With Amygdala it have been different and it sometimes slip into the player.

5. Amygdala is a part of human brain. Why have you chosen this title for the CD?

I thought it was a natural step after Erotikon wich deal with the habit of being human with the human needs and desires, physically, psychically and also social  . The gap between what people pretend to be and what they really are. The distance between the life we show and the life we live, the diversity in between this world and Black City where people lost their aim to please others and only follow their own desires. Desires ruled by this small part of your brain called Amygdala. …one might wonder what come next …hehehe

6. Amygdala was released in Lithuania. CMI in ruins. What do you think about current situation in industrial underground? Will it survive the digital era?

The industrial movement have had it’s ups and downs several times since it started in the 70s. Projects, labels and people pop up and disappear, that is normal and happen every time people get too comfortable with the immediate situation. The industrial movement have a need to be one step ahead of everything …the industrial movement only exist when pushing the limits forward and I guess we’re just in a state of re-organisation, loading up for new challenges.

That is also what happened with Cold meat Industry. Though I wasn’t tied to Cold Meat Industry I first got worried about the chaotic situation there (if it ever was chaotic) and the loss of information on what happened. When talking to Karmanik we only spoke about normal private things as we’ve been friends for a long time …but the reason why I decided to work with Autarkeia was that I felt that Karmanik didn’t have the ambition to work 100% with the label and I didn’t know what he should decide the next day. When he heard the very good conditions I got from Autarkeia he said it was nothing he could live up to..and agreed that he would do the same if he was me. That felt good …still I just had a little contact after …that’s a pity. We have had so much fun together through the ages.. And there is more fun waiting in the future though the times look more digital.

7. You known as a man who used to travel a lot, may be you are one of few people among industrial artists who visited almost every European country. Do you plan to go on tour again? And where do you like to play most?

The places I never visited are the most interesting….we’ve been talking about Belarus – and it would be great fun! I would even go there for free….Otherwise it’s only a few spots left on the map…the problem is that not many people are that adventurous as Lina Baby Doll and I always think —-”what could happen?” while everybody else think …”everything could!” I think your government would like me to come…they just don’t know…..

8. What kind of music do you listen for your own pleasure these days?

Mainly at the moment it’s a lot of Elvis Presley…but it changes from day to day …one record I regulary return to is ”Children of God” with Swans and ”Third from the Sun” with Chrome…Chrome is the project I have most records of…. They’re kind of God fathers….while Swans and Crass are more nostalgia and influence. As you see it’s old music mainly…

9. Could you tell me about your plans for future?

In early December I will tour in Russia. Also there will be a new tour through Europe together with ”Der Blutharsch and the Church of the Leading Hand” in march 2012 and there will be a lot of releases from at the moment I work on new material for a double LP as an extension on the latest album Amygdala. There is plans for more material together with the Russian project ”Reutoff” and also ”Der Blutharsch and the Church of the Leading Hand”  The project I have together with Peter from Raison D’etre called Bocksholm started the planning and recordings for a new release next year and I will continue the development of my digital music store at with new and old material for downloading….I just need the time to make it happen…but first I’m about to sell my farm and I hope that work …the dip in world economy does influence everywhere…..and with an income called Zero life is a challenge even in this country and the change of hierarchy doesn’t always mean freedom.